We Have Power to Influence All those We Meet

Benjamin Carson said, “Every person is endowed with God-given abilities, and we must cultivate every ounce of talent we have in order to maintain our pinnacle position in the world.”

Are you cultivating your talent in order to maintain your pinnacle position in the world? You may talk of your
disadvantaged you are in now. The truth is that every disadvantage position is an opportunity to rise to the position life set you to be in.

Some of us will complain about our base position, the lack of authority, the limited power. We may forget that we
have power to influence all those we meet, to impact others by our excellent example, and to inspire all by transcending our conditions.

We have seen those who are transcending their conditions to rise to the pinnacle positions in the world. You may sit and wonder how this is happening, the first step is to trust that you will overcome any situation. We each face a choice each day as we walk out into the world: we can play a victim or our pinnacle position in the world. As the day rise today, have you challenged yourself enough to ensure that you no longer view yourself as a victim?

I was once sharing with a friend on how we always sit play victim in life, blaming from our parents, siblings, colleagues, friends, society and environment. We forget that every day is another opportunity to make change to our destiny and the make a new page that will contribute to the story that is will be read on the last day.

Born from a small family, I still remember our parents preparing us for life. Of course, as a child it didn’t
make sense what they were doing. I only realized what mom had taught us when she passed away as I was sixteen years old. Although dad was there, I felt alone and it was time I realized that am in charge of my destiny. Then it was difficult to chart my path. Years later I look back and I know I am in the direction I was meant to be, are you?

When we are children, we think we can do anything creative, we don’t think about our skill set as being limited. Why
does that stop at a certain age? It can stop as soon as we become conscious of ourselves. We start thinking that our mistakes are failures—and that these failures tell us and other people that we are not competent, that we are not worthy. This process can happen at any age.

Fast-forwarding into adulthood and being where you are, how does being afraid of failure impact people’s ability to be creative? It makes you afraid of being judged. Now, what innovation or creativity requires is that you do things that haven’t been done before. And that you stick to them until you succeed.

Remember the words of Jean Anouilh, “Men create real miracles when they use their God-given courage and intelligence”.

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