Learning from Mentors

No one has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it to them.” Says Maeve Greyson.

How many times do we allow this to happen? Do we think about it as it happens? I know inside you is that which is yet to unleash, I urge you to arise and unleash it. I was having some talk with some friends and I remember one who had a brilliant of how they would venture into some business. And after keenly listening to the ideas, some were quick to say it would not work. I asked someone how is not going to work yet they had never tried it out and they were blank. I noted one of the biggest challenges I faced even as a woman is fear of the unknown. I look back and I see that in my childhood and many other girls’ childhood we are socialize to never to take a risk and especially where business is concerned it’s almost a no-go zone.

It’s no wonder we grow up thinking of getting employed and never how we could create employment for others. The fears in instill in such magnitude that once one is a wife it multiples. you will hear things like business is for this or that kind of women. It is sad indeed that we encourage this until the point when the bread winner is unable to provide for the family then the woman is faced in a crisis or faced with a crisis and will not know where to start from.

My experience was different, having lost a mother while a teenager, I kept on wondering what would happen to me in
future. Once I had my firstborn, I remember a family friend asking me to find something to keep me busy. At the time I never understood what he meant. However later I started a business and I approached three great women who turned out to be my mentor. The first issue I had was management. Even though I had a degree I was not sure what management would entail. One of mentors had very simple ways of training and preparing me for the said area. It just surprised me how I had practiced the skills in many ways without having called it management.

On my foot I got to the new experience of running a business. I remember having to read thew book “What they never teach you at Harvard Business School’. It is having been a journey through challenges, learning and exciting experiences and opportunities. I see it through the eyes of especially women and I encourage my friends and you to take up the challenge and be the change while creating the opportunities for others.

I meet upcoming business ladies and I encourage them, through them I reflect where I came from and it’s nice to see them change. To my mentors, thanks so much for making realize my potential and helping me unleash my potential. Am glad that I am contributing in making the planet a better place.  

Remember the words of Shannon L. Alder, “One of the most powerful lessons in life is to recognize that no one
can give you power, and many people don’t want you to have it. You have to find the courage to seize it, own it and hold on

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