About Winnie Mwikali

About Winnie Mwikali

Author, Executive Coach, Entrepreneur

Winnie Kamuya is the CEO of International Renaissance Centre, Kenya. She is #1 International Best seller Author, founder of Women in Leadership (WIL) Conference in Africa and Personal Assistant of the year Award™ – Africa.

She is an inspiring transformational speaker, executive coach and mentor. She teaches on hacking confidence following the 3E framework: Exceptional, Extraordinary, and Excellent. As a result of working with her, individuals who are managers gain clarity on their uniqueness. They get confident to unleash their leadership potential becoming better versions of themselves attracting promotions and increased revenue and thereby serve with excellence and increase efficiency in their organisations. She is a master at thinking and acting strategically and hence teaches managers to do the same thereby improving their performance.

In junior secondary, she was appointed as Deputy Head Girl.  She was so terrified that she requested to be excused from the responsibility. She was excused. She couldn’t master her own fear and lack of belief in herself. She held herself back. In her senior year she was appointed as a Captain. This time she couldn’t be excused from the responsibility, but she found a way to let fear control her. What was her internal dialogue “Fear, you are not good enough, you are a coward, you can’t do it, everyone will laugh at you, and you don’t have the qualities that others have to fit in the profile.” Can you relate to this?  
Her inspiring story of fear of taking up leadership roles gave her interest in the area of Leadership and helping others boost confidence in themselves. This saw her organise teleconferences from USA on Lessons in Leadership which featured world leaders like Jack Welch, Prof. Prahalad, Giuliani, Dr. Blanchard, Dr. Kotter, Dr Maxwell, Abrashoff and Dr. Steve Lundin.

She inspires and transforms over thousands of people through seminars, conferences, Imprint Newsletter, WIL (Women in Leadership) Newsletter and The Assistant Newsletter. She is very passionate about making a difference in the world. Her philosophy: “I am unique; the powers to be who I want to be are in my hands”. She is very passionate about making a difference in the world.



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  • CEO, Speaker and Coach
  • International Best Selling Author
  • Founder Women in Leadership Conferences Africa
  • Founder Personal Assistant of the Year Award Africa
  • Host of Lessons in Leadership Teleconferences
  • Passionate about making a difference in the world and always remind people in her philosophy: ” Iam unique; the power to be who I want to be are in my hands’
 Appeared on ABC 6 news CW Richmond, Fox 14 news, News Channel, NBC right now, Thrive Radio USA, Ebru TV, Citizen Radio, and The Post Newspaper Zambia. 

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As Featured on Women Speakers Association 2021

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As Featured on Women Speakers Association 2021

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Feedback & Reviews

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what my audience who have gone through My coaching program

I learnt about the 3E framework. It was the first time I was hearing about it. That is being Exceptional, Extra ordinary and Excellent. As a result of sessions I had on 3E framework I got crystal clear on my uniqueness and how you use it to give excellent services to my clients.

Pauline Mwarabu

Director, Tai Preparatory Academy, Kenya

I met Winnie in Kampala Uganda during the 2008 women in leadership conference which she had organized. I became friends with her instantly because she is a great women mentor who inspires women to take leadership roles without fear.

Ameria Masiko

C.E.O. at Trust Hands of Hope Ltd – Uganda

I was struggling with leadership and presentation skills. She took me through various skills on how to be a good leader in my organization. I learnt leadership skills and presentation skills.

Lucy Yahhi

Director at Dinkwa Tanzania