What it Takes To Be a Winner

“A friend of mine who had made one million dollars every week from an idea he had shared something with me that changed my view of ideas forever. He said that ideas come to so many people at the same time. When these ideas get to some people, they immediately discard it on the basis of logic. They cannot see how it will work. They are quick to point out all the obstacles that make it an impractical idea. At this stage, there is a process of mass elimination as many who got the idea reject the idea,” excerpt from Creative Thinking by Wale Akinyemi.

A winner will be one who sees through that idea and many at times might be the only person who sees that the idea is practical, has potential and possibilities that a non winner may not see.

It is said that whatever you can vividly imagine, desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass. Interesting is that when people think of themselves as winners they win. So what does it take to be a winner?

  1. Winners think positively: winners never make excuses, they acknowledge their mistakes or failures and learn from them.
  2. Winners are willing to pay the price of success: they are willing to give time, effort, creativity and money necessary to achieve their purposes.
  3. Winners are willing to accept responsibility: they exercise initiative and do what is needed to be done because they are personally responsible.
  4. Winners use their creative ability: they cultivate their creativity, trust it and exercise it. Creativity comes from self acceptance, self knowledge, the courage to develop and practice your unique talents.
  5. Winners persist and persevere: they choose a goal and commit to achieving it.

Above all always remember attitude is everything. In whatever you do and wherever you are remember it all has to do with your attitude. Are you a winner in your life, if not what are you going to do to be a winner.

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