Our Happy Clients!

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what my audience who have gone through My coaching program

I learnt about the 3E framework. It was the first time I was hearing about it. That is being Exceptional, Extra ordinary and Excellent. As a result of sessions I had on 3E framework I got crystal clear on my uniqueness and how you use it to give excellent services to my clients.

Pauline Mwarabu

Director, Tai Preparatory Academy, Kenya


I had a very low esteem, my confidence was also crushed to zero point. The day I attended the PAYA 2012, Winnie and her team awakened the powers within me and the confidence that I had with their professional skills and put my administrative skills to the highest level that I still command to date.

Limakatso Mafelesi

Chairperson Lesotho Secretaries Association – Kingdom of Lesotho


Before I met Winnie I was struggling with how to start a business and sustain it. Two impactful techniques I learnt from her; to believe in myself and stop procrastination. I had to start business and stay in action even when numbers were low. I learnt being honest with suppliers such that all payments are made for work done even if there is a delay. Relationships are important to succeed. My life is better since I implemented the techniques. I believed in myself and started a business. I get the satisfaction of owning a business and being in charge. I created a kingdom and I am the King of the kingdom.

Francis Chachi

CEO Prima Education Centre – Kenya


Two challenges I had were on how to relate gender issues in the course of my work, as legal adviser to the Ministry. I draft laws hence needed to know how to accommodate gender issues so that we can have gender sensitive laws. Another area was on public speaking skills, my role entails a lot of public speaking to various groups, so I felt the need to be equipped with the skills to enable me do my assignments with optimal results.
I learnt a lot of techniques from Winnie and the two most impactful techniques were a) presentations and talks, which made the sessions to be not only interactive but also participatory. b) Visual techniques which are based on video presentations hence I was able to learn from a number of scholars from around the globe. I applied the skills I learnt on how to prepare myself for a presentation and how to conduct myself during presentations which have eventually have impacted to my audience on the relevant subject. On gender issues, I have now gender eyes, whenever I prepare or draft, before a final submission, I ensure that all the gender issues are put into a proper context.

Patricia Kalunde

Head Legal Department at Ministry of Education Science and Technology – Tanzania


I met Winnie in Kampala Uganda during the 2008 women in leadership conference which she had organized. I became friends with her instantly because she is a great women mentor who inspires women to take leadership roles without fear. After the conference I felt confident in my ability to lead and inspire other women. I like her free mind qualities and above all the ability to inspire other women.

Ameria Masiko

C.E.O. at Trust Hands of Hope Ltd – Uganda