What Makes You Stand Out from the Crowd?

You can’t blend in when you are born to stand out.” -Ryan Buchanan

Most people don’t know what makes them unique, because they haven’t really put much thought into it, or because
they’re not owning their stuff. Are you owning who you are, your talents and gifts.

No matter what you do you will find that there are others doing. Finding a way to stand out can be quite difficult.
Finding your uniqueness is what makes people really gravitate towards you. It’s what helps you improve on existing ideas, and create things that work better for people.

Here are some ways that express your uniqueness

Being Yourself

All those lovely little peculiar things that make you who you are really emphasize your uniqueness, but so many people try to hide e.g the way you do things, what you love, hobbies etc. People pay more attention to what you do exceptionally well.

Your Standards

You can set new standards by going against the industry norm. 

Your perspective

Your beliefs and opinions are really important because they are an expression of your personal values and that sets you apart.


The way you do things is always going to be unique to you.


The specific skills set that you bring to the table makes you unique.


The experience you have in a certain areas can be helpful in building instant trust.


If you have any related qualifications that will help you stand out. Its time to stop being embarrassed about your uniqueness. Its time to embrace it. Your uniqueness is why people will want to work with you. Your uniqueness is you!

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