What Kind of Leader Are You?

“The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.” — Henry

Being you as a leader is beginning to understand that leadership begins with yourself and that you must lead
yourself to lead others. Therefore, everyone has the chance to show leadership in any place and any position. Watch little children and see the leaders showing the followers what to do and where to go. Think of those little children who have no education on leadership yet exhibit and execute this role without any effort. This clearly will remind you that we are born as an empty slate and what we write in our slates is what we programme and execute in our life. Therefore, what you execute is what you have written down for your life. It goes without saying that we are born with that ability of leadership.

At a time when organisations are questioning leadership, it is when we should be reflecting upon our own
leadership styles. It isn’t through trying to change those already in leadership roles that can affect real change in our society, however through the changing of how we lead ourselves and others in our lives that makes the significant difference in our day-to-day realities.

Whether you are an organisational leader, a parent, or simply “leading” your own life, there are two types of leadership styles, Inspiring and Controlling. There are some main characteristics that help define the difference between these two types of leaders.

An Inspiring Leader is authentic, one operates from higher ground principles and makes their decisions coming from a place of love, whereas a controlling leader upholds a facade, operates from lower ground principles and is coming from a place of fear. In our world today, there is a shift that is happening among individuals as well as in the business world, from being ego-driven to soul-driven in our personal and business missions.

What kind of a leader are you? An Inspiring Leader lives from their Soul and Spirit. Their family or business becomes the vehicle in which they assist others in changing and growing. They know who they are and why they are here and operate their life from a clear set of core values. A Controlling Leader lives from their ego and personality. We see this kind of leaders every day in society, business, in family. They think they know it all and have a deep-seated need to be right. They use their family or position for self-recognition. They resist soul searching or searching for a deeper meaning in life.

To conclude go back to your roots, remember your childhood who were you? A leader or a follower? If you were leader were you controlling or inspiring? How has this affected the kind of leader you are today? Are you happy with it? Remember that you always have the power to change your destiny, start now.

Keep in mind the words of John Buchan, “The task of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity, but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there.”

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