Life Reflection: New Beginnings Excite Me

Feeling eager to getting started, excited, and ready for a fresh change only to fall back into old patterns after a few weeks. This was me, year after year—striving for change but not managing to pull it through.

I love when new life reflections comes into my life. New relationships, experiences and successes all provide a new lease on life for me. Newness brings the feeling of excitement to me and gives more meaning to my existence.

I love getting fresh start and responsibilities at work. They give me a chance to pull on my core strengths. I get the opportunity to show my self worth of any promotion which will flashes in front of me. Starting a new project at work is like getting that clean hand.

Whenever I make a long-awaited purchase, I get so excited to take it home with me. Such experiences take me back to childhood and receiving gifts at Christmas. But I am even more excited as an adult because I see my hard work paying off.

Changing the paint on the walls in my home always makes me feel like a different person. I believe that colors inspire emotion and I love the emotions that run through me when I give my home a fresh coat of paint.

Today, I look forward to having a fresh start  into my life so I can relive that excitement all over again. I look forward to starting a new chapter of my life with each new beginning. I love the feeling of starting afresh!

I actively look forward to new life adventures, even if they are outside my comfort zone.I love creating new adventures! They always bring new excitement, new lessons, new skills, and fresh passion to my life. Even if the new adventure includes going outside of my comfort zone, I am most willing to give it a shot. Who knows? I may find something new to enjoy!

Life is just too short to stand on the sidelines and let it pass me by. Life isn’t a spectator sport. I want to be where the action is! After all, I only get one shot at this, so I want to make every moment count. One way I accomplish this is by pursuing new adventures.

Even if I do not have the time or money to travel often, I can find new adventures right in my own backyard. Anything different can be an adventure. I can try a new restaurant, take a class to learn a new skill, or even build a new business.

Today, I choose to actively seek new fresh adventures, do something I have never done before, and relish every moment of it.

For example, instead of deciding “I’m going to exercise three times per week” I wrote “I’m gonna love my body and take really good care of it by practicing yoga, dancing, or doing other activities I feel drawn to do.

To help stir your imagination for the New Year—so that you’re not pushed by pressure, but instead pulled by pleasure—I’ve listed Five things you could start doing to create fresh start.

1. Start focusing on what you already have.

Abundance isn’t something you acquire. It’s something you tune into. So, start noticing, focusing on, and truly appreciating what’s currently in your life. This year, I’m going to focus on the people I love, the fact that I’m healthy, and knowing that I’m in charge of where I steer my life.

2. Start using your imagination for creating.

Imagination is a powerful thing. It can either show you the most catastrophic scenario or allow you to play, explore, and create in your mind. Use it to create, not destroy. Use it to stir faith, not doubt. Use it to become a force for good, both for yourself and those around you. For example, instead of focusing on everything that could go wrong if you start your own business, imagine how fulfilled you’ll feel and all the people you could help.

3. Start living in the now.

Often, we live in past or future tense. Often, we’re so caught up in what took place or what might happen that we lose sight of what is happening. Start living where life actually takes place: here and now.

4. Start being really honest with yourself.

The only way to change something is to first acknowledge what is. To look at the situation exactly as it is but not worse than it is. To look your fears, limitations, and blockages right in the eye.

5. Start focusing on something greater than you.

In life, we either show up for what we do, how we do it, or why we do it. Having the last one (“the why”) defined is what brings purpose and meaning. What’s your mission, change you want to see, or reason for pursuing something?

Participating in something greater than yourself and being clear on why you’re doing it adds purpose. And if you don’t know what that something greater is yet, make it your mission to find out.

Write down a fresh plan on your short term, mid-term and long term goals and develop a honest working relationship with your mentor to help you grow into a new person you want to be..

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