How to boost Self Confidence

Confidence is what happens when you overcome negative self-perception. When we have high self-confidence, we can go through life without worry of failures or setbacks. Confident people accept that they don’t know everything and can’t get it all right. They’re also fully aware of their strengths and the value of their achievements.

There is a common misconception that confidence is something you either have or you don’t. Confidence isn’t something you’re born with; it’s something you build through wisdom and experience. Confidence is what happens when you overcome negative self-perception. For some people, this comes easily. For others, however, they struggle with understanding how to gain self-confidence.

Low self-confidence is defeating. It can define us and cause us to beat ourselves up emotionally. It can limit our abilities and keep us from growing and moving forward from our mistakes, failures and defeats.

It confines us to our comfort zone where everything is safe from potential humiliation and further mistakes. Once you are stuck in that zone, it is very hard to move forward in life, which keeps us from achieving our dreams, reaching our goals and living a rich full life.

There are plenty of ways to become more confident, but we’re going to suggest something radical: Date yourself.

Building Self-Confidence Starts with Loving Yourself

The most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one you have with yourself. For better or worse, you are stuck with yourself, exactly as you are, from now until your final moments

Dating yourself is no different from dating anyone else. Find things you want to do and go do them. Branch out and try things you might not feel comfortable or willing to explore with other people. Do things that interest YOU, not what you think would interest other people.

A weekend stay-cation: spend a weekend enjoying your own company in the comfort of your own home. Stock up on self care supplies-bath oils, cook delicious meals and get good music to roll you full weekend with confident dance moves.

Dress to impress: This doesn’t necessarily mean renting a tuxedo, just that you should wear what makes you feel best about yourself and bring out your full confidence. Groom ahead of time, wear your favorite outfit, put on makeup if you wear it. When you look good, you feel good.

Treat yourself to gifts: Who doesn’t love surprises from loved ones? Granted, it won’t be much of a surprise if you buy it yourself, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting yourself something special once in a while, even if that something special is just ice cream from your favorite roadside stand. Admire your gift in a mirror and smile with wide confidence, at least that smile rebuilds you ego.

Kiss yourself goodnight: Maybe not literally, but develop a night time ritual that puts a premium on self-love and self-confidence affirmation talks. Drink a warm, soothing cup of tea. Whisper an affirmation to yourself as you lay down to sleep. Remind yourself that you are special and loved every night.

Don’t expect your self-image to change overnight. Learning how to gain self-confidence takes time. You need to love yourself first and that takes work. Like any relationship, let your relationship with yourself develop organically. In time, you’ll wonder why you didn’t love yourself sooner!

Imagine for a moment you being handed a confidence blueprint that:

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  • And imagine having a confidence blueprint that pioneer your own path for the rest of your life.

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