17 Habits of Employees who Get Promoted and ensure your promotion

Follow These 17 Habits of Employees Who Get Promoted and Ensure Your Promotion

In the fierce competition in the market today, it’s not easy to be promoted. The experience of an employee is no longer the sole factor that determines promotions. 

Employers are now looking at other aspects of their workers. Which are these? How can you tackle them?

Here are the habits of the employees who get promoted

1. Make your boss’s job (or life) Simple

Making a positive impression on the employer is sure to assist you in obtaining promoted. A lot of people are aware of this but make mistakes such as:

  • Making too many flatteries.
  • Focusing on other tasks to work.
  • Office-politics.

These things can make you a favorite employee; however, it isn’t a guarantee of your promotion. So, instead of focusing on these issues, you should concentrate on your job. If you manage your time well and maintain your high performance, your boss won’t worry about your job.

Follow the directions carefully and make sure your work is professional. So your boss will have enough time to concentrate on other aspects. Even your boss’s superiors will start to pay attention to your efforts if you keep the pace.

2. Help other employees

While you keep your performance at a high level, you should also concentrate on collaboration. You will be a successful leader only if you collaborate with your colleagues. Otherwise, you’ll be seen as irresponsible and unimportant to the organization.

Always be prepared to assist your colleagues. It doesn’t matter if it’s creating an impressive presentation or giving aid to a task; if you can exceed your expectations on such projects, you show your abilities.

3. Be aware of your superiors

There is nothing worse than being overlooked. If your work isn’t given attention, you might feel helpless. In addition, your superiors may not be willing to consider you for the race if your intentions aren’t clear. 

It is important to communicate your goals with your bosses. Let your superiors know if you are interested in advancement within the company.

They might also be able to guide you if you inform them that you are interested in a particular role or promotion. Again, this information is vital as it will greatly help your professional growth and promotion.

Sometimes, the management doesn’t know that you are looking for a promotion. Making everything clear will eliminate any confusion.

4. Over-deliver

Do you want to shine in your work? Give it all you have at 100 percent.

The employees who put in the extra effort than the rest always outdo their peers. Nothing can beat hard work. You’ll be indispensable and essential to the organization if you’re consistently delivering on your work.

Every company would hate to lose a great employee. However, to be a successful employee, you need to be a hard worker. It is important to finish your tasks by the deadlines, communicate effectively, be a contributor to other business departments, and more.

When you’ve completed your project, provide them with visuals. Presentations can be used to show the way you accomplished a certain task. Your bosses are likely to be asking questions, and you need to be prepared to answer them.

5. Record Your Achievements

It’s nearly impossible for bosses to track every accomplishment their staff members have achieved. Nobody else will keep track of the things you’ve accomplished besides you. Keep track of your accomplishments, so you can utilize your achievements when the time comes.

If someone asks you why you should be promoted, You should be able to provide a list of your accomplishments in your response. Your answer will be more convincing and credible by adding this tiny detail. You’ll be able to brag more effectively to your friends too.

6. Learn the in-demand skills

You could be a superb group player, hard worker, and organizer. However, if you don’t possess the skills in demand, you’re unlikely to be offered the job promotion in the first place.

The current marketplace is different from what it was a decade ago. Nowadays, employers are searching for workers with relevant expertise who keep their knowledge up-to-date with market demands. To stay on top of the ever-changing market demands, it is essential to be aware of the most recent trends in your industry. For instance, if you’re an engineer or a software developer, you could take full stack development courses since full-stack developers earn nearly twice as much as developers with no full-stack development skills.

7. Be a good leader

Display your leadership skills even if you’re not in a managerial position. If you behave as an effective leader, it is easier for your boss to see you in a leadership position. Therefore, it is important to show the traits of an effective leader, not make people feel like bosses. The distinction between being bossy and an effective leader is in the traits you display. A confident and trustworthy leader is an effective communicator and can inspire people to be their best.

8. Play as a team member

People who work in teams are more likely to be promoted than those focused on their own goals. Be able to demonstrate your skills as an effective team player by volunteering for help, when asked to do so, volunteering for a job, or working as part of an entire group. Show that you are committed to the organization’s good, not just your work.

9. Continue to learn

Continuous learning proves that you’re committed to your career, and you can be proactive in pushing your career ahead. There are many opportunities to gain knowledge in various ways, from attending classes to master a particular technical ability to getting out of your comfort zone and tackling the challenge of a completely different kind. You can also work with a mentor to grow and improve within your position as an employee.

10. Stay focused on the end goal

Making and achieving goals is one of the most effective methods to show your capabilities. Setting goals can prove to your boss that you’re committed to goals and that achieving them will demonstrate you’re able. 

By setting goals, you’ll get tangible outcomes that you can use to demonstrate that you’re ready to get promoted. Then, keep track of your results to ensure you can provide evidence of your accomplishments.

11. Let your boss know about your plans

Don’t think that your boss knows that you’d like to be promoted since not every employee wants to be given more responsibility. You must meet with your manager and discuss your goals for the future. Tell them exactly what you want to achieve so they can assist you. Your manager is instrumental in advancing you; you’ll want your manager to be completely aware of your plans.

12. Keep it up

It’s not enough to perform outstanding work sometimes – you have to perform at the same level every day. The promoted employees are the best performers, and their managers and coworkers can admire their performance. Alongside displaying these qualities, you should also be involved in your job. Be on time every day and be 100% committed, and your boss will surely be aware. Remember that promotions are not instant, so don’t be discouraged when it takes longer than you expected. Be patient and be confident that eventually, it will result in a positive outcome.

13. Collaborate

Make sure you are committed to your team’s overall goal by playing as an active participant in the team. Keep your eyes on the big perspective instead of small personal problems, and be confident in stepping up to the plate without being required. A great employee is committed to the organization’s overall good and will volunteer to perform tasks that aren’t in their duties. This is an excellent way to demonstrate that you’re ready for greater accountability.

14. Practice emotional intelligence

The ability to perform under stress without losing control is an essential quality that employers look for in enthusiastic employees. The ability to be emotionally intelligent isn’t just about the individual. Learn to be sensitive to others, and listen and respond to criticism. Suppose you can identify the areas you could be improving in the way you respond to criticism without being told explicitly you need to do it. In that case, you’ll have a head start in the field of emotional intelligence.

15. Dress for the job you’d like to take

It’s been said a thousand times, and it’s always true. People who are successful in the workplace look at those ahead of them and model not just their clothes but also how they appear in the workplace and interact with colleagues and conduct themselves in their work.

16. Get to know the Top-Ranked People

It’s hard to be promoted when your boss’ boss doesn’t understand who you are, so be sure to make an effort to meet the top managers in your company.

17. Remain professional

Do you want to work for a boss who fails to meet deadlines, neglects to reply to emails, and gossips about employees? Not! If you’re looking to advance, you shouldn’t display these behaviors.


Being promoted is more than simply performing your job properly. Promotion doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to do the work; show your boss that you’re up to take on more responsibility, and be determined. If you’re looking to be promoted, make these behaviors into your daily routine.

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