Expect Success

Building your confidence can and will happen. When you expect success, you’ll achieve your goal. No matter what your endeavor is, there are many pathways to accomplish it.

Your efforts to develop your confidence are enhanced when you expect success.

Try these ideas to help you believe in yourself and expect success:

1. Think positively. Affirm within yourself that you’ll accomplish your goals. Keeping a positive mindset will aid you in your quest to expect success.

2. Refuse to allow negativity into your life. Preventing negativity will provide a space in your life to fill in with positivity. If practicing this method means you must avoid certain people, so be it. Just say “no” to negativity.

3. Practice refuting negative thoughts using thought-stopping. When those negative thoughts creep in, imagine the word, “NO” in large capital letters. Then, replace the “NO” with a more calming and tranquil thought, like swimming or taking a walk in nature.

  • When you learn to block negative thoughts from your life, you’ll be more likely to expect success.

4. Vow to move forward in the process of achieving your dreams. Promise yourself you’ll work your steps to get closer and closer to the life you desire.

5. List your top five strengths. Reviewing your strengths will help you realize that you have a lot of things going for you. You’re strong in a number of ways. You have talents and skills. And if you’re good at those things, you’ll learn to excel in other areas, too. Knowing your strengths will help you feel good about yourself.

6. Journal the compliments that others consistently give you. Nothing helps you feel like you can succeed like basking in the positive words others say about you. So you never forget them, write them down.

  • Re-read them whenever you want to boost your efforts to live your dreams.

7. Look for the common threads in the compliments you jot down. The commonalities will tell you about some of your strengths. Perhaps there were some positives that you were unaware you possessed.

When you take these steps to build up your expectations to succeed, you’ll be closer to developing the confidence you seek. Thinking positively, using thought-stopping to banish negative thoughts, and promising yourself to move forward are powerful steps in your quest for confidence.

Also, knowing your top strengths, journaling positive comments from others, and knowing how others feel about you will aid you to expect success. You’re on your way to confidence!

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