Win Your Next Promotion with Confidence

Learn the Art of Activating Your Leadership Master Plan

Are you a middle manager who aspires to be in a leadership position? But are you finding it hard to see your worth? Are you getting overlooked for promotions? Are consumed with feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, and self-doubt, that stop you from winning the next promotion? 

85% of middle managers doubt their own abilities and skills. So if you have been plagued by self-doubt, you are not alone!

Your mission — should you choose to accept it — is to discover and apply the Best Person for The Job Master Plan for Middle Managers. In just 6 weeks or less, unleash the confident, worthy, and powerful leader that you are!

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It’s Time to Take Charge of Your Future

The world is shaped by bold people. People who think and act with confidence. People who have unleashed their inner power and determination to overcome obstacles that stood in the way of their success.

But for many middle managers, self-doubt can put their dreams and aspirations on hold before the journey even begins!

Have you been plagued by thoughts like these:

  • I can’t do this.
  • I’m not ready.
  • What if I fail?
  • What if they laugh at me?
  • I’m not good enough.
  • I’m not qualified.

You’re not alone! Countless middle managers struggle with a lack of confidence. But the truth is, you’re more equipped for success than you might realize. And we want to show you how to unlock that mindset!

What is the Best Person For the Job Master Plan for Middle Managers?

This is an innovative program that equips you with the tools, guidance, and confidence you need to overcome self-doubt so that you start taking control of your future in less than 6 weeks!

Who is this program for? Am I a fit?

Best Person For The Job Master Plan is a leadership experience designed specifically for middle manager who are ready to step into leadership, define their own lives and their pursuit of success.

Who is Winnie Mwikali — the coach?

Your coach and the creator of this transformative program is a 2 times bestselling author, CEO of International Renaissance Centre, and founder of Women in Leadership (WIL) Conference in Africa, Winnie Mwikali.

What will this program help me do? What is the outcome?

Through this immersive experience, you will be prepared to conquer your dreams as you pursue your leadership aspirations with confidence and success!

When does the program start???

The upcoming batch is on 18th October 2021.

Join other middle managers just like you on a transformative experience that will have you going from “I can’t do this” —  to — “I have the ability to accomplish anything!” — in less than 6 weeks!

A Program Designed For You

This is a development program unlike any other!
Through self-renewal, leadership development, executive-level coaching, and the introduction of tools and practices that will transform your attitude and set you up for success!

Turn Doubts & Fears Into Unstoppable Confidence
 You’ll discover what triggers those doubts and that crippling imposter syndrome and learn the 5 strategies that will keep those doubts away for good!

Say Hello to Your Authentic Self
You’ll learn how to stop paying attention to other people’s expectations for your life and give yourself permission to start listening to your own. This is your life, and we want to show you how to define it on your terms.

Unleash Your Inner Power
You’ll learn about the four components of personal power and how to use them to pioneer your own path for the rest of your a confidence that will leave a positive impact on the team/people you lead. life.

Show the World What You Can Do
As you become equipped with your own confidence and the tools and guidance that will make your journey a success, you’ll also discover a confidence that will leave a positive impact on the team/people you lead.

Here’s What’s Included in Your Program

As a member of the Best Person For the Job Master Plan for Middle Managers: Winning Your Next Promotion with Confidence 6-week program, you will receive:

  1. Comprehensive video tutorials
  2. Worksheets to practice and deepen your understanding
  3. 2 weekly group coaching sessions
  4. Access to resources through the Best Person For The Job Master Plan for Middle Managers learning portal
  5. Weekly assignments and accountability
  6. Access to the coach for additional support & feedback between sessions

What we offer through the Best Person For The Job Master Plan is a lasting, measurable impact that will carry you forward for the rest of your life. Think of this as the brand new start you’ve been waiting for!

Winnie Mwikali, Founder of Best Person For The Job Master Plan.

A Woman on a Mission to Make a Difference

Hi! I am Winnie Mwikali — the founder of the Best Person For The Job Master Plan.
Today, I am well-known as…

  • International Speaker and Coach — 20+ years!
  • CEO of International Renaissance Centre
  • International 2 times Best-selling Author
  • Host of Lessons in Leadership Teleconferences
  • Founder – Women in Leadership Conferences Africa
  • Founder – Personal Assistant of the Year Award Africa
  • MBA in Strategic Management and Hon. B.Ed
  • Appeared on ABC 6 News, CW Richmond, Fox 14 News, NBC Right Now, Thrive Radio USA, Ebru TV, Citizen Radio, and The Post Newspaper Zambia.

Join the Best Person For The Job Master Plan for Middle Managers

But my journey to success wasn’t always as clear…
When I was appointed Deputy Head Girl in junior secondary, I bowed out of the responsibility out of fear. When I was again appointed during senior year, I was forced to take on the duties. I struggled with doubts and fears. And when I started my career over 20 years back, the fears and doubts were still with me…

But as I began embracing the leadership role, something was unlocked!
A lifelong passion for leadership and coaching others to overcome their own fears and struggles was born. And that journey has led me to work alongside world leaders like Jack Welch, Professor Prahalad, Dr. Maxwell, and Dr. Steve Lundin.

And now, I want to help you unlock your potential through Best Person For The Job Master Plan. I want to show you the power of my life’s motto that brings inspiration to thousands of middle managers just like you:

“I am unique and the power to be who I want to be is in my hands!”