Change Your Habits

“Make each day your masterpiece.” – John Wooden

Habits can work for you or against you. Good habits can make you work faster, smarter and be more efficient. Bad productivity habits rob you of the success you desire. They derail you of time and efficiency.

Many people get stopped in their quest for success because they let bad habits beat them. They don’t take control over them by replacing them with good productivity habits.

The sooner you recognize your bad habits, the quicker you can fix them. Is the bad habit emotional based, action based or mindset based? Emotionally based bad habits are often the root cause of poor productivity. You’re stressed, fearful or bored. The trick is to figure out what is causing the emotion and fix that.

Action based bad habits are more about poor planning, not using resources available or things you do without thinking about them. These habits might be easier to change. Find what resources such as apps or tools are available to make productivity easier, for example.

The mindset-based habits will take time to change. Use affirmations to change how you perceive things. Spend time meditating, doing yoga or spending time alone building your positive mindset habits.

With all types of bad productivity habits, fixing them takes time, mindfulness and sometimes, help.

Recognize bad productivity habits and move to the next steps. This might be finding a new good productivity habit to replace the old one. You might need to enlist help to stay accountable if you find your motivation lacking some days. Create a plan to change the habit. Choose the time, place and the way you are going to tackle the habit. Finally begin with one habit, master it and move on to another one.

Before long, you will begin getting more productive and your new good habits will have become second nature. Once you’ve mastered the bad habits, It’s time to start prioritizing everything in your life, build a support team that can help boost your productivity and create those to-do lists and checklists to be more productive.

“A wind that blows aimlessly is no good to anyone.”– Rick Riordan

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